Syncing of Player Suspensions from Wholegame into Fulltime

Currently we have to manually enter a suspension into Fulltime once we realise that a player has been suspended in Wholegame (why is there no notifications of this!!!).

Once the suspension is removed in Wholegame it disappears, therefore as a League we have no idea this has now been completed and are unable to interigate wholegame for the matches that the player has served their ban against. (why can we not see previous suspensions??)

We then have to manually update Fulltime with no information of when the suspension was completed.

Until the ban is removed from Fulltime the player continues to be listed as suspended, leading to confusion for teams, the League and the player themself.

Isn't it logical that this function is Sync'd with Wholegame??

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  • I agree with Paul.

    Please make this functionality a priority. The only way that the opposing team will know that a player is suspended is via the public facing screen of the league on Fulltime. If the opposition don't know about it they cannot report it to the league / County FA to investigate. Manually entering the information takes a lot of a league officer's time (and patience). 


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