RELEASE : Full-Time (August 2023)

Ahead of the 23/24 season, we have released a number of enhancements that have been requested by Full Time users:


  • When creating the fixtures for your cup competitions you now have the option to create group stage fixtures allowing you to run "Champions League" style competitions.
  • In the Admin section, we have added notifications when saving key data points so you know any changes you have made have been saved by the system
  • On the Fixture List, you can now filter fixtures by whether they have had a note added (Home, Away or General)
  • Removal of youth team suspension and yellow & red card information from the public pages. This information is now only available in the admin to logged in users. 
  • Cards received by players now displayed in the Admin section under Suspensions -> Cards allowing league admins to still access this data even though it has been removed from public pages.
  • Details of the fixture type had been added on the fixtures and results public pages so visitors can see what competition a fixture was played in
  • The primary contacts page now only displays active teams meaning that league admins will not be asked to appoint primary contacts for inactive teams.
  • Admins are now able to delete "In Progress" batch fixture schedule processes meaning they no longer have to wait for the scheduler to complete before starting to produce another fixture set if they notice an error
  • A filter for Age Group has been added to the Fixture Download
  • A filter for Cup Competition has been added to the Person Download 

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