January 2024 Release

Club Portal 


Date of birth showing in mobile view on players tab 

Bugs Fixes: 

Confirming ‘training only’ player bringing up 500 error fixed 

‘Assign role’ option was missing in officials tab

Competitions Portal: 


Team officials – Users can now filter by role 

Team officials (Desktop only) – Photos added (photos set to be added to club officials and team officials on mobile view also in coming months) 

Club officials – Users can now filter by role 

Bug Fixes: 

Transfers – Elapsed timer during 72 hour notice period has been fixed 

All registered teams will show in “registered teams” column on all players tab 

500 error when backdating registrations fixed 

General fixes on outstanding qualifications in team/club officials tab 

On players detail page, registration start and end date now displayed 

Division is not removed from teams tab in clubs portal when team is removed from division 

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