RELEASE : Full-Time (July 2024)

  • MFA: To ensure the security of your accounts and data, multi-factor authentication is being applied to all FA digital products. When you log in to Full-Time admin you will be required to enter a code that will be sent to your account email address.
  • Removal of "sign in with username": As part of the account security measures, the old Full-Time log method of signing in with a username is being removed. Now all Full-Time users will be required to log in with the same FA account that they use across all other FA digital products.
  • Removal of U18 personal data from the Full-Time public pages: Safeguarding of children is of the highest priority in our digital products and following a review the decision has been made to remove all U18 personal data from the Full-Time public pages (lineups, stats, referees). This data will now be available to league, club and team admins in new Full-Time Admin pages and for parents in Matchday.
  • Improved venue assigning process: To lower the burden of pre-season administration of league officials we will now enable venues to be assigned to all teams in a division from one page saving time and effort in setting up the new season. In addition, you can now hide teams from previous seasons that have been assigned to venues meaning a cleaner experience when working in this area.
  • Allow team admins to update venues: A configurable option of the league, team admins will be able to update their venues saving time and effort for league administrators.
  • "Reset" button for the Advanced Scheduler: Quickly clear the Advanced Scheduler by clicking the reset button to remove all selected timeslots.
  • Show teams with no fixture on a certain date: An extra tool in the Manage Fixtures section, you can now generate a list of teams with no fixtures between a certain date range. This list will be filterable by both age group and division easing the process of finding appropriate days for fixture rescheduling.
  • Fixtures code snippets: These will now generate upcoming fixtures only so previously postponed matches which are yet to be rearranged will not fill up the code snippet.
  • Enable mandatory adding of referee name: Aligned with a similar change in Matchday, league admins will now be able to configure the referee name to be a mandatory part of the Match Report process. If this is enabled, Match Reports will not be able to be submitted until this field has been completed 

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  • I like the new process for adding new venues, very useful for central venue age groups so far. What is the drop down menu for highlighted below


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