RELEASE : Full-Time (March 2023)

A number of user requested enhancements including:

  • New club feed showing either all upcoming fixtures or results for every team at your club available in the Code Snippets section. Additionally, you can now choose whether to add county cup fixtures and results when generating your code snippets.

  • Add a correspondence email address allowing league and team admins to receive emails to a different email address than the one with which they login. This is saved by league so users who are involved with multiple leagues can receive messages from Full Time to different addresses.

  • Referee download now includes marks of non-appointed referees.

  • Multiple email improvements including listing of the reason in postponement notifications, adding round name to cup emails and formatting improvements to the verification email.

  • Public display names will now rollover with the season so they do not need to be updated each year

  • To ensure appropriate referees are appointed for a fixture, league admins can now see referee's date of birth

  • Under 16 referees will now be able to login to Full Time to complete their match reports

  • Additionally we have added:
  • Childs name removal notice: providing parents & carers with details of how to remove their child's details from Full Time public pages

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  • PDF Version

  • New Club Feed - See all your clubs fixtures on your club website! For guidance on how to get your club feed, click here

  • Correspondence address - heavily requested for those admins with several roles across leagues & clubs. Get your notifications going to the right places! Find out how to add yours here

  • You told us the emails from Full-Time looked like spam and were often deleted. We've given them a more modern look and included more information on some notifications 

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