Team's league has changed - submits to incorrect league

We are aware of an issue whereby if a team has changed leagues during affiliation process, the player registration is going to the old league rather than the new one.

We thank you for your patience whilst the team investigates.

10 people have this problem
  • UPDATE: The team has performed some data-fixes to the system this morning which has fixed circa 3k teams whereby this issue was affecting them.

    Teams which change leagues in the future may still encounter this issue whilst we get to the root cause.

  • UPDATE: Fix due next week (data fix will be ongoing until fix released). 

  • UPDATE: A fix will be released overnight to rectify this issue

  • UPDATE: A fix has been released this morning, if you already have a pending action for the player - you may need to cancel the request and re-assign the player to the team.

    You can cancel request by going to: Pending Actions > Cancel Request

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