RELEASE: Referee Reporting

We are very excited to release our NEW Referee Reporting functionality to FA Full-Time ahead of the 2021-22 season.

This new reporting functionality will allow referees to complete reports on any fixtures they are assigned to and return them to the league safely & securely via. FA Full-Time.

Full guidance for leagues is available here: League Guidance: Referee Reporting in FA Full-Time

Guidance on completing reports for referees is available here: Referee Guidance: Completing a referee match report in FA Full-Time

  • This will be a great addition to Full-Time and saves me time as I was about to create me own Referee reporting form in Google Workspace.

    However more analysis features would be great as its fairly pointless otherwise. I am hoping the downloadable data is available within next season so I can sent up some analysis but for leagues with no one who is IT savvy enough to do this, I think Full-Time needs to assist them too

    Great addition, thanks!!

  • Hi Mick,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Reports/Analysis will absolutley be ready for next season - we just wanted to get the core functionality out there first so leagues can plan ahead of the season.

    Best wishes,


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  •  Hi Jack

    Great addition to the functionality.  Should save doing a lot of separate work.

    I agree about the need for analysis and reporting, and glad to see that is in hand.  Let me know if you need any help with UA testing.

    All the best.


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