RELEASE: Full-Time sign in changes

****2nd Dec - This release is now live ! Guidance is available here: FA Full-Time Sign in using email ****

The way you sign into Full-Time is changing!

 The new look FA Full-time login page

After this new release you will no longer sign in with your current username + password and instead you will be able to use your FA Account (email + password) as part of The FA's switch to Microsoft sign in services.

The benefits of this change include;

  • The ability to switch between multiple admin roles which you hold in different leagues (A feature that has frequently been requested)
  • Greater security of your login information
  • Improved experience between FA sites

In order to get prepared for these changes, please see the guidance below

League Administrators (ie. League officials, League Secretary, League Reg. Officers etc.)

  • Please ensure that all roles within your PEOPLE section have an email address listed.
  • Please make a note of all people and their FANs. All Team Admins pushed from WGS will have FANs. This information can be downloaded via Downloads > People.
  • Please ensure you make a note of your FAN and/or password.
  • Your Email + Password credentials will be the same as your Whole Game System account. You can retrieve your password using: FA Password Reset

Team Administrators (ie. Team Manager’s, Coaches, Club Secretary’s, Team Secretary’s etc.)

  • Please make a note of your Username and Email from the account info section at the top of the ADMIN HOME page. You will need these details.
  • Your Email + Password credentials will be the same as your Matchday app or Whole Game System account. You can retrieve your password using: FA Password Reset
  • Once you have signed in using Email + Password, we will remove the Username from your account and you will continue to use your Email to sign in.
  • We will retain the Username + Password option during this transition period, so no admins should be locked out of the platform, as they can revert back to their current sign in credentials.

Please note: During the transition period we will retain both options to sign in using email AS WELL as login using username to ensure nobody is locked out of Full-Time

Both options to sign in will be retained

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  • Hi Jack,

     can you please explain how Leagues will assign team administrators to teams going forwards.

    Previously we would send a login request to the person that the club had indicated would be the team administrator and had been set up as team manager, team coach or team secretary in the Whole Game System.

    Going forward I take it that everyone who has been set up under those user profiles will have access to  full time  as a team administrator with their FA account?

    Also if a person has multiple logon ids for full time due to them being club secretary for a club with multiple teams how will they know which team they are logged onto i.e. will it appears as the Whole Game System with multiple tabs?

    It would be good to have a user guide that explains the new process

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Guy,

    Thanks for your question.

    If a person tries to login to Full-Time and hasn't been assigned a login by a league then they will receive a message along the lines of;

    "You currently don't have the ability to access FA Full-Time, please contact your club to ensure you are named as a Manager/Coach/Team Secretary. If you do have one of these roles, please contact your league to request a login invite be sent to you"

    This means that the process for adding team officials and inviting them for leagues will remain the same, detailed here: Adding a team official to Full-Time

    Once they are signed in, they will be able to switch between roles within the admin home tab.

    We're currently producing guidance and this will be released on the Knowledge Base prior to the release to aid league's and club's.

    Hope this helps


  • Do we have any info on the League Admin logins yet?

  • Hi Chris,

    For the majority of league officials - Any current full-time account that matches their FA Account email will be linked to the sign in you will use for FA Full-Time.

    We know there are some league officials who manage multiple leagues and wish to keep their accounts separate or have a different email address in their FA Account to their Full-Time/League duties. Currently, we'd advise them to use sign in using username.


  • UPDATE: with further work taking place, this update is now expected W/C 30th November.

  • ****2nd Dec - This release is now live ! Guidance is available here: FA Full-Time Sign in using email **** 

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