Cup Competitions for U9,U10,U11 Age Groups

What is the best way to create a cup competition in Full Time following current guidelines for the U9,U10,U11 Age Groups. ie U9/U10 have to be completed in 4 Weeks & U11 in 6 Weeks  A Knockout Cup at These age groups is not suitable so what are the alternatives. We have a good format and want to incorporate it into Full Time (last season was our 1st using FT)

Previously we would put 36 teams into groups of 6 creating 6 individual cup comps based on ability. Each team will play each other in their respective group (5 Fixtures in the case of U11) and the top 2 in each group play off for the cup in week 6. How do we do this in Full Time?

  • Hi Andrew, to create this style of cup in Full Time create the cup and then select “group stage / single knockout cup” as the format and keep the number of knockout cups after group stage set as two as you can remove these later. Then enter that there will be one group with six maximum participants and that they will play each other once. Enter how many teams will be in the first round and the default number of legs per tie.

    After this has been confirmed, change the stage to knockout and then delete the quarter final and final which will leave the final as the one fixture available after the group stage for the top two teams. This can then be repeated for the six different groups / cups.

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  • Hi Jon I have just tried this and dont have the facility to create a Cup Comp, I can edit 11 a side Knockout Cup Comps.  I presume this is because we are linked to the WGS and as such have to create the Cup Competitions in there. If we do I presume we have to create the six individual comps in the age group and then it will be replicated in Full Time.

  • Hi Andrew, yeah that's correct. In Whole Game on the league structure tab you will see the option to add cup. If you add the six different cups there with the different age groups they will then transfer across to Full Time where you can create them.

  • Hi Jon 

    In the WGS I added 36 U11 teams which replicated into Full Time as expected and then created 6 groups of 6 teams in the U11's, renaming The Groups No1 Spring Cup, No2 Spring Cup etc with the top 2 teams in each group progressing to their respective finals...Creating the respective Finals was a little fiddly. 

    Would it be better to create 6 individual U11 Cups in the WGS and let them replicate through?

  • Hi Andrew,

    Yeah it may be easier to create the six individual U11 Cups in Whole Game, naming them respectively and they will then move across to Full Time. Once this is done you can then create each Cup as shown in the first reply, delete the quarter and semi final matches so that you're left with only one game to play after the group stage as the final.

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