Matchday App Access

Is there a way that leagues can access the Matchday App as an admin or higher level than the teams

The reason being is I no longer run a team and when I tried to log into the app it came up with the warning that "Sorry, we couldnt find your teams"

The rationale for access would be to fully understand its functionality, see where people may be going wrong and help advise them on how to gain access, enter their match scores, reports etc.

This isnt taking it away from you guys at the centre, it just gives some local coverage of the system and hopefully that will help us promote it better.

This certainly helped when Full Time Functionality improved and SMS for example was added or WGS for Player Registrations

On each example leagues had an administration access and could support individuals, teams and clubs with the transition

I just cant get on the Matchday App unless I cheat the system and add myself to a team which I dont coach (as I am a club secretary also I could do this)


Warren Barlow

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  • Hi Warren,

    Let me feed this in and see if I can get an answer for you on how/if we can get you access!


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  • Did you get anywhere with this Jack? We have said the same at the SDYFL - if we have a better understanding of the Matchday App with direct access, we may take some of the enquiries off you guys.

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