UPDATE: Known issues - NEW Player Registration System

Thank you for all of your queries regarding the New Player Registration System, it's great to see people enjoying using the new system and also gaining useful feedback across our sites. A reminder you can share ideas or suggestions you have using the guidance here: Suggest your ideas guidance

We wanted to provide you with an update on any known issues currently in the system which are listed below:

Unauthorised access - User tries to log in and cannot get access, instead gets a padlock and "Unauthorised access message". This can be easily fixed by the user, go to the top of the page, click your name in the top right (or a head icon on mobile) 

Click "Log Out"  > Then log back into the site and you should now be able to access.

Photo's missing - we are aware some photos are missing from the leagues & clubs portal, IT are working to identify all of these that are missing and will re-push the missing photos to the site next week. Fix planned: 25th March 

Can only see some teams in "Filters" - we are aware of an issue whereby some club officials can only see certain teams within their filters however can see all of their players within the portal (when not using filters). This is due to a clash of roles between "Club Roles" and "Team Manager" roles. Fix planned: 25th March

Error message when clicking on player details - some officials are receiving an error message when clicking on player details, this is mostly in "Competitions portal" and is where a club hasn't yet completed emergency contact information for their players.  Fix planned: 25th March

Missing players: We know there are some players missing from your clubs/competitions portals, please do not panic! This will be related to contract players & clubs whereby they have a First Team at Step 3 or above. We are working on this and again, all players will be pushed across next week. Fix planned: 25th March 

 Suspensions - Suspensions are not showing in Clubs/Competitions portal - NOW FIXED

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