RELEASE - Bug Fixes

We have made the following fixes to bugs within Full Time

Task Dashboard > Conflicts
This was signing users out of Full-Time, this option shouldn't show to team admins or match officials and has now been removed from their profiles

Stats warning displaying after fixture has been played
Stats warning was displaying even after the date of fixture. This has now been fixed so the warning message is removed on the day of the match

List fixtures - historical fixtures 
Historical fixtures for divisions and cups were not showing pre-01/07/22 if old seasons are selected. These fixtures will now show in the admin area for league officials.

Advanced Scheduler error
Issue with using constraints has now been fixed


Conflicts page - issues with County Fixtures being included
Some conflicts were displaying for leagues for teams not in the league, they were also duplicating.

County Cups - Duplicate emails

Users were receiving duplicate emails with the same information.

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