RELEASE: Full-Time Public Pages

Updates to FA Full-Time - 22nd March

League sites - Promotion/Play off/relegation lines can be added

League's can add promotion, play off, relegation lines within the new league table designs. These can be setup under "Setup > Divisions > Edit"

League sites - Confirmed lineups now appear on fixture details page

This allows clubs & league admins to confirm and share lineups in advance of Kick Off. Previously, Full-Time could only display lineups submitted post-match, lineups can be submitted in Full-Time or The FA Matchday App.

League sites - "Full-Time Feed/codes" have moved to behind a login screen.

We've added new code snippets of fixtures and results for a specific team. For security purposes full-time feeds/code snippets have been removed from public pages. They are still accessible to leagues by going to Media > Code snippets once logged into Full-Time admin.

League sites - Enhanced table views for clubs/teams

We've added enhanced views to the table on league sites. Viewers can switch between a standard table, a detailed view, predictor and recent form

League sites - Improved design

Improved design for Player & Team Stats

  • Hi Jack, just a bit of feedback for Nick - the┬áPromotion/Play off/relegation lines are good, but are not visible for cup competitions, these would be useful where we have cup competitions with group stages.


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