NEW! Player Registration System Launching 17th March 2021

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Launch date: 17th March 2021

System downtime (Old Player Registration): 10th-17th March - please see details here: Proposed Player Reg Downtime

New, quick, slick - online player registration has been rebooted to make football admin faster and simpler for players, clubs and leagues. We've developed new and improved features to make things quicker and easier for everyone in grassroots football.

Want to see an overview of the changes we've made? Please take a look at the below video overview.

We've maintained the core procedures involved in the current process whilst improving and replacing many components to ensure the easiest possible administration. After listening to feedback from leagues, clubs and volunteers from up and down the country, some of our key changes include:

To find out more about the Player Registration System and how it will change your role please click one of the below links:

League Officials - Click here to access League Officials informationClub Officials - Click here for information relating to Clubs (Secretaries, Registration Officers and Managers) Player/Parent - Click here to access the player information 


    Q: When will the Player Registration System be live?
    A: The new system will be live in March 2021. At present there is no final date for the system to be switched on as this is dependent on transfer of existing data.  We will communicate with all leagues & clubs once we have a final date.

    Q: Where can I find changes/updates that have been made to the system?

    A: This is a complete overhaul of the design of the existing Player Registration System so no complete document of changes will be available, we will be running training sessions for Clubs & Leagues to demonstrate all changes which can be booked onto at the top of this page. We do also have key benefits listed within our "League/Club/Player or Parent" articles which are above and are adding to our guidance articles which are found at the bottom of this page: GUIDANCE ARTICLES

    Q: Is training mandatory for Leagues & Clubs?
    A: No, training is not mandatory however it is strongly recommended due to the amount of changes to the system. If timings of the training sessions are difficult then recordings will be able to be found at:

    Q: Will we have to re-register our players?
    A: No, players will not have to be re-input or re-registered. All existing data will be transferred across

    Q: Can we choose whether to stay on the old system or select a date when we are ready to transfer to the new system?
    A: The new system is far quicker and more efficient than the previous system. Staying on the old system will not be possible and the new system will go live for ALL leagues and clubs on the same date.

    Q: Do we need to create a back up of our data?
    A: A back up of your data will not be required as all existing data will be transferred across.

    Q: Will there be further updates to the system after the "Go-Live" date?
    A: Yes absolutely, part of the key reasons to switching to the new system is that it allows our teams to update functionality a lot easier than previous technology.

    Q: Is it possible for our league to mandate online consent?
    A: We've made changes to allow leagues to see how players have gained consent via. the new export function and we are also now allowing clubs to change players consent from offline to online even when league registered (Guidance here: HOW TO CHANGE CONSENTAt present online consent cannot be mandated in Player Registration Requirements however this is on the backlog to be reviewed.

  • Will the new player registration capture inclusion data ? A factor which is key in our ongoing drive to grow an inclusive game and reach all fabrics of the community.
  • Hi Mohammed - the work to include Equality, Diversity & Inclusion data collection is underway and will be completed in time for the new season rollout at the start of July

  • The brand new clubs and competitions portal are now live:

    You can track any known issues with the site here:

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