Full-Time releases for COVID-19

We've had several requests for functionality around Full-Time to aid leagues resolving their season.

The Full-Time developers are working rapidly on two new features which are currently undergoing testing and we are hoping to release in the next two weeks:

Points Per Game Full-Time Calculator

This points per game calculator will be available to add to your league under Setup > Scoring system and will appear as an additional bar within your league table, you can then choose to rank your teams finishing positions via. Points Per Game

Mass Update Games to Void Status  (See attachment for explanation on how this can be done) 

By navigating to the tab "Fixtures" > Fixture List, leagues will then be able to multiple select fixtures (or select all) using the check boxes before mass updating future fixtures to "Void".

For fixtures already played leagues are able to hide league tables and scores across entire divisions, guidance article is available by clicking here.


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