Officials tab - more filtering required

The implementation of the new Officials tab needs a lot more work before it is usable.

Why are Team Secretaries being flagged for action or expiry of qualifications?

In WGS I am tracking the number of coaches in the League that have expired Safeguarding qualifications, the filtering in WGS is not brilliant and you need to do the maths yourself but you can get the number. In the Competition portal this is not possible, Safeguarding is not a qualification you can filter, you cannot filter between Expiring & Expired and the list is filled with Team Secrtaries that do not need a qualification.

  • HI Craig

    Can you please advise if you are still having the issue with Team Secretaries, we are aware of a few bugs when the feature was first released but have recently fixed those known bugs. 

    With reference to the filters we already have in place to be released in the January release if testing is successful. 

  • The Team Secretaries issue seems to have been resolved, looking forward to seeing the improved filtering.

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