New report - Minimum players registered

A league report to show the number of players registered per team

Format: Club /  Team / Players submitted / Players approved / %

The % would require that Leagues can configure the min # per age group

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  • This is a good idea, A simple report showing the total players registered form each team would make calculating invoices for registration much easier. A similar report showing transfers would be handy  as well

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  • Hi Stephen - a report for transfers is now available for leagues which wasn't previously available within Whole Game (this will only work for players transferred after the launch of the new system):

    I know we are looking at getting this above report added as an export column as well.

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  •  Thankyou Jack. That will prove very helpful

  • The Registered Player report would be a real benefit and as Stephen has suggested, if a league is able to set the maximum & minimum registered players it would really assist the leagues.

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  • Hi, 

    Thanks for the suggestion. 

    We have already implemented this report in the teams tab. If the team doesn't have enough players for a squad the number will display in Amber and there is also a player cap in the league requirements which will number the amount of players allowed.

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