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Age group filter (U12, U13 etc.) is essential for junior leagues. Often different people look after different age groups - if they cannot easily filter view to see what they need to deal with it will make their life a lot harder. The current proposed Age filter does not achieve this as an player who is 10 could be playing for an U10 team, an U11 team or an U12 team, depending upon when their birthday falls and whether they are playing up a year or not. The existing Age Group filter in WGS-PR works fine - just need to replicate this please. Really need this for 'go-live' as per previous discussion

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  • As previously discussed an age group filter WILL be added to Competition portal prior to start of next season so don't worry, it is on the way.

    In the meantime, you can multi select divisions within the competition portal using the divisions filter

  • Could the filters also talk to other filters.
    So that if you select an Age Group and then go to filter say teams, only teams within that age group are only shown.

  • Hi Richard - thank you for sending this in, we do have "dynamic filters" on the backlog also.

  • HiĀ 

    Age group filters are being worked on and are due for release soon.



  • These filters need to be 'sticky filters' so as to work player register age group at one at a time

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