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Unable to add Male or Female Teams to a Mixed Division

Not sure if this is by design, but we have all female teams in our League and cannot add them (or other male teams) to our mixed League Division.

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  • Agree with this, I was getting similar with teams marked as male.

    I've asked all of our clubs to change all of their teams to mixed as we are a mixed league, but ideally mixed should include all options - male, female and mixed.

  • This can be resolved by clearing the filter within the search

  • This issue has now been resolved by our County FA, however Andy your response doesn't make sense to me. It's not a case of clearing a filter or viewing teams, the problem was that some teams  status was boys or girls only teams  and so I could not add them to a mixed division...the Computer said No!

  • Hi Paul, if the gender filter is not selected (which is now the defauls) then all teams irrespective of what gender is selected will be showin in the results

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