Team Affiliation Status on Teams Page

The only current way for a league to find out a teams affiliation status is to go into the Competitions page and then into each division - this is extremely time consuming.

Can the team affiliation status simply be added to the Team page - alongside information regarding the number of registered players?

Additionally, being able to download this data would allow leagues to use it as they need.

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  • For some data - my 200+ teams are currently split into five age group 'holding' divisions before I allocate them into specific playing divisions within their age group at some point in August. To check  affiliation status for each of those five groups takes approximately 50 mouse clicks, if they were on the teams page it would more than likely be 6 clicks.

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  • Currently I am faced with a list of 330 teams for the whole League, I don't know if these are affiliated teams for the 2023-24 Season or have just been rolled over from the last Season, no way of filtering them or viewing the status.

    We don't allocate teams to division until all teams have registered with the League and we know what we have which may not be until August.....we won't know the status of these teams in the Competitions Portal until then, which may cause us some issues.

    Until this issue is resolved, we will have to go back to the old online form and Clubs registering thier teams with us outside of the FA system.

  • It would really help to see the status of the team, before adding as once replicated  unless FT has changed there was a lot more clicks to do in FT if the team is then removed. As previously said I also put all my 400+ teams in 11 development divisions until Affiliated and consolidate with our off line registration. Having this and a down load facility so we can circulate to Clubs as deadline approaches would really help matters. Only once affiliated will I then add to their correct division.

  • Thank you for the update to the system, that is going to save many hours over the coming weeks.

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