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Competitions Portal - Teams Report - Past Seasons and Current Status

The development of the Team Report  for player registrations is a welcome step forward, especially showing leagues if teams have players registered to them but not the league - quite easy for us as a league to identify where there have been a break down of process within a Club.

However, this view is also showing previous seasons teams which is just confusing - can this just show the current season as the default.

A report that is at team level and shows a breakdown of players registered with the league and players 'awaiting league actions' would be extremely helpful - I am currently down loading the whole set of data - inc players names/DOB etc and only using the club, team and status data in a pivot table to give the information required. As a League Secretary  I don't care who the actual player are just the number of players registered for each team.  (Adding the number of players registered to the team would also be helpful.) 

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  • The current page showing #League Registered Players / #Players attached to the Team is good, but would be improved if it included a Pending League total as well (Pending/Registered/Attached), may need to alter the warning to be Pending+Registered<format  Also needs a couple of filters to quickly show teams where League registered is less then attached and teams that have a warning for too few players for the format.

  • Hi Matt,

    We believe this was a bug and has since been fixed. If there are new examples of this please submit a ticket in to the service desk and we will investigate for you. 

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