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For leagues that cover Youth SCOR rules on transfers can the approach process be set to 3 days

Currently, the notice of approach warning and process in the transfer wizard follows the adult 7 day approach rule and not the 3 day rule as set out in the standard codes for youth football.

We are seeing issues where clubs are trying to sign players from other clubs either dual registered i.e they can play in either of two competitions or a straight forward transfer and are having to wait for the 7 days or try and get the county to resolve if the other club do not respond.

  • NoA and Player Transfer are 2 separte but 'linked' processes. NoA is 7 days as defined in the FA rules and occurs outside of the  portal, The 3 days refered to in SCORY is the time a Club has to object to a transfer once the transfer is initiated. A Club should not initiate a transfer in the portal until the 8th day after the approach or earlier if they have got the other Club to agree to waive the approach. So which warning are you refering to?

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