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Player Registrations Export Report - additional field

 Would it be possible to include the age group in the player registrations export report?

This would allow League Admins like myself to run a quick PivotTable in Excel, with additional formulae and conditional formatting, that would show in seconds whether a team had reached minimum registrations and maximum registrations.

At the moment, I have to go through a list of over 650 teams adding this manually to each team to be able to do the calculations.


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  • It would be better if you could down load a sheet with the team name and number of players registered. There is slight progress on the 'Teams' page where you can select the age group and the number of players registered..You just cant extract the data easily unless you do a snip/screen shot. It would be better if the slider could go from '0' as you cant see which teams have '0' players registered

  • This has now been covered off within League Requirements

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