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WGS - Leagues to be able to delete divisions/cups that are no longer used

Posting here as there isn't a specific group set up for WGS.

As a youth league we run a number of short competitions over the season (6-8 weeks each) regrading teams in between each competition to ensure competitive football for the vast majority of teams.  This results in us needing around 180 divisions to cover our five age groups over the season.

Over the years we have used different structures, different naming protocols, etc and have ended up with over 400 divisions/cups listed on WGS - all of the divisions that we don't use are marked as inactive, but it would be extremely helpful if we could simply delete them and de-clutter the system - it appears that at present no one has the rights to do this.

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  • Totally agree, we have the same problem to a lesser degree, I only have one concern, I would need confirmation that deleting them from WGS will not impact the past locked season in FULL-TIME where they were previously used. A lot of ours predate 2017-18 so should not be linked, but some may be.

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  • would be Good, My League  has legacy divisions. Mini-Soccer, U13 and u112

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  •  This has been suggested many times over the last few years and would be a very useful feature.  Perhaps rather than deleting divisions/development groups/cups, they could be archived in a way that would mean they don't appear in the list but can be pulled back if required in the future.

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  • I agree it takes time finding the current division info amongst the old data. I would suggest a season archive filter and also display whether the minimum number of players have been registered against a specific team in the count 

  • Thanks for the suggestions.

    We are aiming to build this in for the start of the 23/24 season. 

    Any updates will be posted below.

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