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Transfer status (pending actions)

 Would it be possible to change the display of a "possible" transfer in the Pending Actions tab, once it has been approved by the League admin and is awaiting completion of the 3-day objection window?

At the moment, when looking at multiple possible transfers in the Pending Actions tab, a League admin cannot distinguish between an actioned transfer (awaiting objection window completion) and a possible transfer (unactioned) on the screen without going into each individual player.   

When there are several transfers going through at the same time, this would make it easier to spot what has been done and what remains to be done.

Possible options, when a transfer is approved by the League:

- change the request type to "Transfer"


- change the transfer icon under "Info" to a different colour


- change Pending League under "Reg Status" to Pending Transfer

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  • Hi Rob,

    The product team have discussed this and agree a solution is needed - we will work to get this added.

    Currently marked as deferred whilst we plan when this can be added.

    Best wishes,


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