League access to Squad Lists

Leagues should have access to all team squad lists, as we do today but should be the same as the Club version.

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  • I second that , we have our cup finals and really need the Squad list as per what the teams download available to us.

    Can we have an update and get this reinstated please?

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  • I agree. I have asked for this to be reinstated 3 times. The FA has declined this request. This is needed more than ever by Leagues Registration secretaries.

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  •  Same

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  • In addition the Coach photo problem has to be fixed, we use the squad list as part of our safeguarding process at our Cup Finals to ensure coaches present are the coaches listed and that they have the required certification. Knowing that we do these checks and will not let anyone pitch side who isn't on the squad list is still helping to find unlisted coaches. Give us the tools to help enforce the FA Club Safeguarding Commitment else it was just another box ticking process.

  • Can it really take a year to impliment a feature that is already available ??

    Clearly from the responses, thiere is a need from the Leagues to have this facility.

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  • We apologise this has not been implemented sooner. Our main focus has been taking the learnings from last summer to ensure a much better experience this summer. This has meant that some new features have been delayed.

    You can still access your Team Officials assigned to a Team in your Safeguarding Tab in Whole Game System

  • This would be a very useful feature, any news ?


  • agreed

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