Embedding League Tables, Fixtures & Tables (Full-Time Feeds)

For security purposes full time feeds / code snippets have been removed from public pages. We made a decision to move the Code Snippets into the admin area to reduce the risk of other sites or products scraping our sites for ALL leagues fixtures and results data. In the past, the Full-Time site has had it's performance severely affected by unlicensed websites trying to pull data across all of our competitions. We couldn't risk this impacting our customers experience at key times of the season.

The code snippets are available to all registered team admins, which can include website developers if needed. They are still accessible to leagues and Team Administrators by going to Media > Code snippets once logged into Full-Time admin.

You can easily embed your teams/leagues fixtures, results and league tables onto your own website using the "Feeds" section of FA Full-Time.

In order to get the codes to embed onto your website, follow the below guidance:

1. Once logged in to Full Time Admin > Click on "Media" then "Code Snippets"

2. You have four options for codes: "Table", "Recent Results", "Upcoming fixtures" and "Team - Fixtures / Results" for a specific Team within the League. These are grouped by the division. Click on the relevant link you wish to use. Our example is for the league table:

3. Select your "Look & feel", the division you want to download and the season you want to display then click create which will display a preview:

4. Copy & paste the "Embed code" into your website and it will display all information selected from Full-Time:

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