Correspondence Email Address

Users can now set up a correspondence email address within Full Time. This means that if a person has multiple roles across clubs and/or leagues and wishes the notification emails to go to the address for that role they can now do this. 

A Team Official will only be able to do this for their own account if the league have setup team admins to be able to edit-people in the setup options. 

1. Find the person who wishes to add a correspondence email address added under the 'People' menu option. This can be through the Search function or List People function. 

2. Click on 'edit' next to the correct person

3. Add the email address to be used into the box next to 'Correspondence Email' and then select 'Update' 

4. The user will then need to verify this email address to receive the notification emails going forwards

You still need to use your main email address to log into the system and not your correspondence email address. The correspondence email address is to receive the notification emails only

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