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Limiting Player Registration numbers per team

Leagues should have access to set a limit the number of players a club can register for each team depending on age group/playing format in line with their competition rules.

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  • Hey Chris, it will for leagues who integrate their Club/ Competition Portal data into Full-Time so it will work in Full-Time for you.

  • We haven't been able to build this as quickly as we wanted, but its almost ready! We have made the decision to not release this during the Player Registration Peak period to minimise disruption and maximise testing. And too that end, if you want to be involved in testing, please drop me an email on and i'll add you to our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) list

    We are now targeting an October release date which is after the typical major peak of the season, but will give you as leagues the opportunity to use it ahead of the second January peak we usually see!

    More information and screens will be shared over the coming weeks. 

    We thank you for your patience and understanding 

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