Limiting Player Registration numbers per team

Leagues should have access to set a limit the number of players a club can register for each team depending on age group/playing format in line with their competition rules.

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  • Hey Chris, it will for leagues who integrate their Club/ Competition Portal data into Full-Time so it will work in Full-Time for you.

  • We haven't been able to build this as quickly as we wanted, but its almost ready! We have made the decision to not release this during the Player Registration Peak period to minimise disruption and maximise testing. And too that end, if you want to be involved in testing, please drop me an email on and i'll add you to our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) list

    We are now targeting an October release date which is after the typical major peak of the season, but will give you as leagues the opportunity to use it ahead of the second January peak we usually see!

    More information and screens will be shared over the coming weeks. 

    We thank you for your patience and understanding 

  • League's patience is constantly being taken for granted by the FA, but I struggle to see how you think we would understand this decision. We are about to enter an extremely busy period of player registration and we have no automated tool to check that Clubs are not registering too many players as per league rules. So 3 months of filtering manually or trying to get the export to work or to decide if you can trust it's output. Then once everything is calm and under control we can have a automated way to do this!

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  • Poses a problem where we have our 1st & 2nd teams playing in different leagues. We need to register both squads to each league.

    Ted James

  • Ted James - the aim is each league can cap how many players can register. For adult leagues I imagine this to be less of a problem, but with Youth leagues where equal playing time is an FA guidance point, squads can be capped to promote equal game time

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  • So the league will impose the cap themselves and it will not be an automatic cap within Full Time?

  • That is how I have interpreted it. Each league can put a cap per age group, so for our league, U7/U8 can only sign 10 players, u18 can sign 21, so we can cap each age group accordingly. 

  • Sam Yates, from your screenshot this implies to me that the maximum team squad is set as part of the League Registration  Requirements.

    I maybe mis-inerpreting this, but it appears the same maximum limit will be set over all age groups (i.e. 18 Players for all ages)

    In our League, we have differing maximum team sizes for different age groups....I hope the ability to vary team size  will be incorporated into the functionality.

  •  We need the same

  • Hey Paul, You can set as many requirements as you wish so you could do create one per format, per age group, per division or just per league. You have full flexibility :)

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  • Thanks Sam for confirming, we look forward to this being implimented, its a must for the League Admin.

  • Any idea when this will happen?
  • We have already implemented this report in the teams tab. If the team doesn't have enough players for a squad the number will display in Amber and there is also a player cap in the league requirements which will number the amount of players allowed.

  • Jon Sigsworth, I cannot see anything on our WGS portal on either the teams tab or requirements tab? Is this something that is fully implemented or gradually coming into all leagues?

  • Hi Peter, you should be able to see this when you log in to then the tabs should be on the left hand side.

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