WGS Enhancements

I am advised by the Oxfordshire FA that you are the appropriate people to speak to about this issue.

Can you make the Whole Game System (WGS) more usable for the clubs please?

It was created (I believe) to enable more central oversight of grassroots clubs (as well as monitor safeguarding issues) by the county and central FA but it is missing a trick.

You want clubs to use it but actually it has limited practicability beyond a narrow regulatory function which is a shame.
For clubs to make WGS a central aspect of club activity it needs to be used (just within a club only) to share info among players and staff who are registered (in various ways) on the system.

I am sure you have the means to use the system to send out a bulk notification to all registered personnel. If they don’t, then they should.

Equally all clubs when registering players provide email addresses but there is no means at all for a club (such as ours) to use the club WGS database as a means by which we can send out a general club message or newsletter etc. A mail merge by any other name.

You currently offer a pdf option for a squad list so the journey to what I suggest is halfway there. However having a pdf is rather pointless in an email age.

What I would like to see is the FA make an IT amendment or patch to offer this email facility so that WGS does become the “go to” facility for club operations and notices. As it stands we have to run 2 databases to achieve what I describe….that is to send out club notifications or news.

That is a mistake in my view and a missed opportunity.

Paul Connolly
Chair. Chalgrove Cavaliers

  • There are a lot of features missing. Registration with custom fields. Locking a player from transfer. Approving transfer. Basically I would love to have Spond functional in MatchDay / clubs with a Football only twist.
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