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Bulk offline consent

 Reinstate bulk 'offline consent' facility for clubs who collect consent from parents via their own membership forms/systems.

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  • At the current time, whilst offline consent remains an option - the ability to bulk offline consent will not be taken at the moment.

    Online consent offers a paperless option for clubs & leagues as well as a more secure proof that the player has actually consented to play for the club.

  • Please reconsider.

    Our club - and I suspect many others - already runs a secure, paperless membership system.  In our case it's GotFootball.  Recording parental / guardian consent on GotFootball is a condition of player registration with the League (East Berks Football Alliance), and therefore to require parents to complete a second consent via Player Registration does nothing except add additional administrative workload - both for the parents, and for the club (not every parent is proficient with IT and I often have to step in and guide them through the process). 

    Bulk offline consent would save clubs like mine considerable data entry time, and I cannot see a downside.

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  • I would echo this request.

    We use a membership system to collect payments and manage different types of membership.

    We have been paperless for many years because of this and it adds considerable time to the registration process to get parents to consent again.

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  • I agree until you can give us a Registration process that will send out to the player to register through the FA including custom fields per Club aka Payment amount and Payment cycle etc...   OR can fully support a 1% charge system for payment processing (as that is what some of us can get).  We need more offline bulk tools.    I think MOST clubs use their own secure set-up until FA give us a FULL system that is the same as other named brands like SPOND, GotFootball etc..

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  • I'm still waiting for The FA's response to the arguments I raised in support of this enhancement request over a year ago,

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