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Bulk offline consent

 Reinstate bulk 'offline consent' facility for clubs who collect consent from parents via their own membership forms/systems.

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  • At the current time, whilst offline consent remains an option - the ability to bulk offline consent will not be taken at the moment.

    Online consent offers a paperless option for clubs & leagues as well as a more secure proof that the player has actually consented to play for the club.

  • Please reconsider.

    Our club - and I suspect many others - already runs a secure, paperless membership system.  In our case it's GotFootball.  Recording parental / guardian consent on GotFootball is a condition of player registration with the League (East Berks Football Alliance), and therefore to require parents to complete a second consent via Player Registration does nothing except add additional administrative workload - both for the parents, and for the club (not every parent is proficient with IT and I often have to step in and guide them through the process). 

    Bulk offline consent would save clubs like mine considerable data entry time, and I cannot see a downside.

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