Visual indication against player under 16 that parent link is in place (or missing)

 Visual indication next to their name that a player under 16 is missing a parent link.

(Or at least a visual indication that they have a parent link, as the old system does)

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  • Most definitely think this is a good idea by Andy - I would have posted this suggestion myself had he not beat me to it!.

  • Definitely need this - with approaching 200 players in the club, it would useful to know which ones at a glance are still missing a linked parent.

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  • Again agree with both Andy and Steve.  I have linked nearly 200 parents in the last week but its a pain to keep switching to the email capture tab to check back to the players tab as teams aren't indicated on the email capture tab just ages  As an example our club currently has 7 teams as U10 age groups.  If indicated in the players tab you wouldn't have to physically open each players record to check.

  • Hi Andy & others who have voted or commented.

    We discussed this yesterday with the product team and agreed long term this is something we would like to include within the site.

    At present I would advise that:
    a) If a league has set email as mandatory for U16's and a parent/carer is not attached then the "Add Player Info" icon within "Pending Actions" will show as incomplete

    b) Make use of the email capture tab

    c) Make use of player export functionality 

    Best wishes,


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