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Seems like the app isn't pulling addresses in correctly or lots of clubs aren't filling in others system correctly. Could it be make possible for us to update the address manually? If I knew where the address data was pulled I could ask my club to update that? But I have no control over what other club admins do
  • I beleive the details come from the FA Pitch Finder and the information is imported to Fulltime, update pitch finder then it may sync into Fulltime.

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  • Thanks Paul,  the address is correct in Pitch Finder which is also the exact same correct address in Fulltime.    Its just not correct in Matchday app.   Screen shots of fulltime & pitch finder below.

    Of all our matches in the app only one club has the correct/full address pulled into matchday,  surely it cant be a coincidence!

    (85.3 KB)
  • I just checked the address in pitch finder for the one team that is showing full address in Matchday app and the only difference between their address and ours is that its on one line & our on two lines.  I wonder if this is the issue full time is having when pulling data through

  • Can the option of updating addresses in the Matchday app be added please? I'm not alone in this other coaches of other clubs are having the same issues

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