Identifying Correct Competition

Next season our Junior League plan to run 2 U13-U18 types of competion side by side for each age group. Eg 1 U15 Division 1 and U15 Development. This will allow us to give plenty of fixtures each weekend. We are currently finishing the season off with friendlies and as such some teams are playing up an age group and are in two age groups (fixture groups). When they view the app the manager does not see which competetion it is. Next season one weekend could be a Development and the next a league fixture but they can not easily identify type of fixture this is, league or friendly. On the Results Tab the only table you can select is Under 15 not the U16 Table. Can the app be ammended to show which competition the fixture being played is in also see it when you select the fixture to get ready for the weekend.  Can you then select which Division/Comp to look at on the Results Tab

  • Hi Andrew,

    This is a good flag and piece of feedback. Let me take this away and see if we can bring in Division name to the app (if it's different from league name).

    I will keep you updated.

    Many thanks.

  • Divisions are now shown on the Fixtures page.

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