Matchday App Suggestion - Fixture confirmation to opposition

Would it be possible to email opposition to confirm match KO times, pitch numbers, location & add our standard clubs Health & Safety Action Plan via matchday app?

I know this is asking a lot, but would be great if the app could auto fill a form/standard email that pulls data from the app itself, WGS & Club Portal.     e.g. all team official names & contact details, match officials, confirmed KO time,  location (with directions if required) & attach the clubs Health & Safety Action Plan.


Could a clubs "Health & Safety Action Plan" & "Location Directions & Clubs General Respect" documents be uploaded to WGS or similar so that they appear in the matchday app fixtures for opposition (that use matchday) to download/view?

Just thinking that this would be a great admin saver for those that manage multiple teams have to send out many manually created match confirmation emails to multiple opponents

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