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DBS Applicant role

We have a number of officials who have the 'DBS Applicant' club role assigned to them.  I believe that this is because they were assigned this role when they needed to undergo a DBS check (either new or a renewal).  This is in line with the guide - Adding a DBS Applicant in the Club Portal.

Feature request:
When the DBS application has been complete and an in-date DBS check is complete (or withdrawn), remove the 'DBS Applicant' role from the individual as the reason for assigning it will have passed.  It clutters up the portal and presumably would affect a future assignment of the role to trigger the next DBS check.  There is also the risk that if the role is not removed then a DBS application may be triggered accidentally when it is not needed.

I have manually removed the role - is this OK?

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  • We will be looking at all DBS roles etc when we undertake this work in season 2024/25 to move the process across from Whole Game

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  • I have the same question as we have a number of officials with the role that have their DBS completed.

    To reiterate the original question, is there any impact from removing the 'DBA Applicant' role once the DBS has been completed please? 

    Good to hear this will be looked at 2024/25.

  • I have the same question as the original poster.

    Is there any impact on the "DBS Application" Role is removed from an official once their DBS is completed?

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