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Function that allows the download of fixtures as a CSV file.

As a Club Secretary or a Fixture Secretary

I want to download fixtures for my club from the Full-Time platform

So that I can organise venues and referees and add fixtures information to our fixtures list held on a spreadsheet before I communicate the information to managers, coaches, and administrations across my club.

This is a standard download function that is requested; such functionality is typically available across a wide range of platforms today and, in terms of the Full-Time platform, will bring enormous benefits to clubs by reducing duplicating of work, which will result in saving a vast amount of time and improve volunteer morale!


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  • Apologies for the delay in responding - this is available via Fixtures Downloads in Full-Time however it may be that you do not have the correct permissions within the league to view this. If you do not have access to Full-Time Admin, contact your league to discuss your role and requirement.

    Alternatively, you can get a club feed fr your own website showing all upcoming features for the teams in your club. For guidance on how to get your club feed,  click here


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