I am a  league secretary who week in week out has to reply to clubs explaining that managers have failed to submit a match report correctly.

The common issue seems to be that managers forget to scroll back from right to left after inputting the required info to select the report tab and then click submit match report.

Could you look to move the report tab so its on the far right to simplify things by allowing managers/coaches to following the tabs from left to right which from a user point of view would also make more sense rather than have to working left to right and then have scroll back right. 

i.e. Tabs in the following order


  • 100% 

    The match reporting function is just not working, as a League we have litterally given up chasing Managers to complete the reports either in full or submitted.

    This needs to be simpler to complete and submitted as well and compulsary fields to complete before submitting (such as players who have played) and reminders to complete the report.

  • Hi there, thankyou for this suggestion. Our digital technology team are currently conducting a review into the user experience of the app and this is an area that has been highlighted as a priority to improve. As a result we are marking this as planned, and we hope to release a new improved match reporting process into the app in the near future. 

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