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Key Official club and personal email address option

I've recently been appointed as the CWO at CGFC JFC.   I've been looking at where offical CWO comms will arrive and given my FAN is the account that has been used to register me on the system in the role my personal email address is the address now linked to my CWO role.

We have dedicated club email addresses for each key committee role.   It'd be really helpful if the Portal had the facility to add your club role contact details for the Key Officials as well so we don't receive sensitive 'FA to club communications' to personal email addresses or (if I were to change my FAN email to the club email) personal FAN/League related comms to our club account.   I think in the meantime the latter option to change my FAN address to the CWO address is the more secure of the two scenarios but it'd be nice to have the option to preserve the two routes of contact.   An everyday and an 'FA to club' official.

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  • The request to have role based email addresses in addition to your FAN email has been around forever, it's an obvious enhancement needed for certain Club & League officials that want & need to keep a separate track of comms.

  • This would not work with the systems that we have in place in the use of your email address as the unique identifier for your account. 

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