Team Sheet Generator

At present, Matchday doesn’t show shirt numbers so doesn’t allow you to create a team sheet to share with the opposition and referee prior to the game. Please could an option be explored to create a formatted PDF with the following: Competition and Division Date Referee Name Kick Off Time Shirt Number, Name Information submitted by Share as PDF option and possibly a Matchday lineup graphic for social media.

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  • This would be a huge time saver for our matchday secretary. Our league requires team sheets in the attached format. I'm not sure whether there is consistency in formatting across leagues? 

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  • Hi @Molly Hrudka

    Fairly similar to ours. I've attached our one too ( We also built a generator on our website as well as pre-fillable PDF versions (

  • Hi there, thankyou for this suggestion. The digital technology team are currently conducting a review into the user experience of Matchday, and several of the points that you have made will be considered during this review, including the team sheets, shirt numbers and Matchday lineup graphics. As a result we have marked this as deferred. 

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