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System Administration

We would like to see new roles added for system administration.

Often people who are Club Secretary or Chairman do not have the skills needs to  manage the increasing level of data that clubs have to maintain in  the FA systems.

Volunteers have different skills which we think should be supported by the system more explicitly.

The idea that only Club 'Officers' should have full system access seems to be a hangover from pre online days.

  • Does the role 'Other / Assistant Secretary' give you the same system rights as Secretary? As a League we have a similar requirement when we went with a full time League Admin, they have the Secretary (assistant) role and this works for us.

  • We have not tried every role to see what access it has as the documentation says to have full access the role must be either Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.

    This is such an old fashioned view of how clubs are run.

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