Give More Information when adding a parent to a player

When searching to add a parent the search returns a name, and masked out email address so it's impossible to tell if you are adding the right parent. If you do add the wrong one you can't remove them, which could lead to a data breach.

For example and would be indistinguishable with their email addresses masked so it would be impossible to know which one to add.

If the search screen showed the full email address or FAN number then we would know we are adding the correct parent.

Also the search doesn't always work. I have 3 parents who have shown me their profile screens but the search doesn't find them. We should be able to search on FAN alone, rather than having name and DOB as mandatory fields.

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  • I completey agree. In my opinion the FA shouls actually switch this functionality off, thus enforcing control of the child record upon the parent. We have chosen as a club to to that anyway, inviting new players by pasting the "invite by email" link into an email we send with clear instructions on the steps needed to create & manage their child's profile. The only issues we face are with existing players and that is purely because of poor data quality from prior clubs plus the issue above whereby it's too easy for a club to link the wrong parent or create a bogus parent id / email combination.
  • I wrote a detailed comment and it didn't post! dammit! I agree with the above but would go one step further. The FA needs to switch off the functionality for clubs to add or create parents. This shoudl be parental responsibility only. This way, clubs do not need to have controls for parental data as the onus is purely upon the parent to ensure accuracy. Too many clubs are poor with data quality or might simply not care. If I had a pound for every player transferring in to us with bogus parent / email details that were set up by prior clubs purely to get the player registered quickly.......
  • Hi Steve,

    We have added the feature to search by FAN now.

    Please could you send the details of the three parents who do not show on the search using the link below and we will investigate for you;

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