Volunteer records on Whole Game System

As a club we are asked to have all volunteers take the safeguarding for all course.  This includes junior volunteers who help and are doing their duke of Edinburgh award, team secretaries and other  club officer roles.

Once completed the qualification is not shown on WGS  in the safeguarding tab or in the qualification report  so I am unable to verify if they are qualified or not. This is because volunteers volunteers cannot be added to a team and only team officials are shown in the qualification report.

Can WGS be amended to include this? It seems pointless if as welfare officer I can't access this information to verify the commitment of our officers having asked them to complete the training. 


Parents of our Under 14's had difficulty in setting up their children to take the course as no instruction was given by FA Education.  Again the qualification is not shown as they are volunteers taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

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  • Hi,

    Is this in the safeguarding tab on my account or is this in the clubs portal?

    If it's the club portal, on the officials tab > safeguarding & qualifications it will then show who has the safeguarding for all qualification.

  • Hi John, It's in the club portal. As club secretary I am asked to make sure all volunteers take a safeguarding for all but it is not visible against the volunteers name and is only visible to Herts FA. The only safeguarding accreditation shown on WGS is safeguarding for committee members and safeguarding children. It makes my role difficult when I can't check members qualifications. Can the FA change to WGS to include this for all club officials including volunteers. Thanks
  • Hi you can add the parent / carer then when you have done this you can see the qualifications within the portal. 

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