Website layout improvement so important content displayed

When using as both the club Chairman and Team Manager the layout of the page is so padded out that the content is hidden, sometimes off screen completely (even on a 1920x1080 screen).

With so many sites using compact design it should be something that the team can look into.


At the moment the design of the site does not meet the basic use case for me as a Chairman / Manager.  If I am using the portal it will primarily be to perform some kind of necessary action (e.g. register a player or check the club compliance against the England Football standard).  Information that is static or not relevant is displayed prominently, often on separate lines or padded out.  As per the attached image (in red) there is a lot of dead space and the meaningful content is squashed at the bottom of the screen and inaccessible.  Tabs (e.g. the Accreditation tab) take up far to many 'lines' with padding top and bottom.  Even within sections there is dead space that pushes the important content out of the way.

Even within the tabs there is so much padding above and below it pushes the filters and content off the screen with only a scroll bar or small active area visible.


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  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the suggestion on improving the layout of the page. We will be working on this over the Christmas period ready to be deployed in the new year.

    We will update this page in due course.

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