Printing Teamsheets

Would it be possible to print and email the teamsheets to referees. Currently I put all the details in but then I have to then type it all again to give to our match secretary who then forwards to the referee and I print a copy to take with me just in case there are any changes. The ability to print and email would save even more time each week on what I already save by using this app Thanks Kevin Taylor Club Secretary Southgate Olympic AFC

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  • Hi Kevin,

    There is a way to share your lineup with the referee. Once a lineup has been confirmed we post these details to Full-Time to display on the Fixture & Results details page - e.g.: 

    Then in Matchday on the SETUP tab you have the option to share the details of the fixture. This will be the Fixture details page from Full-Time.

    I understand this may not contain all of the required info for the referee, based on your league rules, but I wanted to offer it as an option, just in case it does.

    Otherwise full squad lists can be printed from the Clubs Portal.

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