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Export Report to Excel


Is it possible for the Export to Excel Report to include columns for Address, Post Code and Phone ?

I appreciate there may be GDPR reasons for these Columns not appearing , but considering the additional burden being placed on our Club Secretaries most of whom also have to maintain membership records for their Clubs, we could eliminate a lot of duplicated effort if these columns could be included, so we can use the WGS as our Master Data System.  Maybe we can have a drop down option that delivers an "Extended Data Export" that includes the additional columns, or even better let the users define which columns they have in the Report.  That would be a great feature ! 


Rolf Beggerow


Hadleigh United FC 

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  • Seems like a good idea to me. I keep separate records for addresses so this would remove that issue.

  • Hi Rolf - thanks for your suggestion.

    At present - we won't be looking to include these extra fields within the export as any extra details we include does provide additional GDPR issues.
    Can you confirm what a club would be looking to use these details for within a report?

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