Email Capture Tool Feedback - "Create Account" button

Hi there.

Hope that you are well. Quick bit of feedback for you on the email capture tool which I have been using as player registration officer for Harpenden Colts.

The email which parents have been receiving after I add their email address always includes the button “create account” which is confusing for people who already have an FA account and simply need to login. If you click on the “create account” button you do then move to a screen which gives you the option to login to your existing account. It’s just the wording of the original button “create account” which is confusing / unhelpful.

Also worth flagging up that I’ve had quite a few people telling me that they had the following issue which I also experienced. I had to use the link at the end of the line "If this e-mail is not displayed properly, click here." which is highlighted in yellow before I could then use the Create Account button.

I hope that this is useful.

Best wishes


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  • Hi Jon,

    We have re-built email capture entirely and have implemented this as part of that re-build.  

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