Entering Results On Incorrect Date

Each weekend without fail someone will input the score and stats for next weeks fixture. This happens because when the fixture starts it is the top of the view on the mobile device. As soon as the opposition enter a score next weeks fixture appears at the top. The other manager then just clicks on the top fixture on his device. Because a stat is entered in next weeks fixture this becomes a result and as such the fixture is not visible on Full Time and appears with x-x on the app (for non comp) managers then interperate that as fixture postponed. I then have to clear all stats etc from full time (more work)
I have tried locking next weeks fixtures as a work around but a result is required. Please can you ammend the app to prevent a score being added to a fixture that is in the future. I have attached the 2 views for you to see.

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  • Agree, you shouldn't be able to input until the date has reached.

  • Agree on this some of the clubs in our league have submitted incorrect submissions which has taken significant time to work out why

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