Scroll Header up on Add Player Page (Mobile Version)

(This is the 2nd time I post this, so please ignore if the 1st one is being activated.)

When I try to Add a New Player or Search for a Player on my mobile, I cannot see where I am typing as the keyboard takes up half of the screen, and the Header doesn't scroll up.

Please make the Header scroll up like it does on the All Player tab so I can see where I am typing.

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  • Hi Fumiko-

    Would you be able to confirm what type of device you are using? Ie. Samsung S9/Iphone 6?



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  • Hello.  Sony Xperia Android version 6.  Not the best, of course.  I find it difficult to operate the system on my Fire HD 8 tablet.  System is not for mobiles/tablets.

    Thank  you.

    Fumiko Danno

  • I have an samsung s10 and get a similar experience. 

    I have to use view as desktop site as the mobile site isn't well optimised. 

  • Hi Fumiko / Umar,

    A collapsible header has now been released in club portal. 

    Are you still experiencing this issue?

  • Hello Jon,

    I tried it out and it works well!  I can see where I am typing!!  Thank you!!


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